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You must first be inspired to do anything. What inspires you depends upon your passion. What are you passionate about?


Becoming aware of world events like, food shortages, global changes and events that could change your comfort zone. Don't believe in what you see in your grocery stores. When the trucks stop, no more food or bottled water. There's no large supply of food in the back of the store.


Then what are you doing ? Do you see everything all of a sudden fixing itself ? Or does reality make you aware that something is off ?

Natural and man made disasters are happening worldwide everyday. Because you don't hear about it only means it hasn't been reported yet. Be prepared by stocking up on your everyday needs. To prepare for an emergency type situation that could produce a shortage of food and supplies, it is suggested that you should have enough food, water and supplies that could last a family of 4 for at least 1 to 3 months. Power outages, flooding, contaminated water. The list can go on and on. If you're not prepared, get prepared.

You've probably heard that our economy is in bad shape and soon we'll be in a recession. Well it's not just the U.S, but all over the planet every country is having their share of economic headaches. Every country uses some form of fiat currency and operate as the U.S does so therefor there's debt. They borrow money the same as the U.S in order to operate just like any other country.


Sometime ago I had began to look at things differently then previously viewed when I was younger and began to see that each country is nothing more than a big business and they trade and make purchases from each other just as I do when I go to a grocery store to make a purchase. For small items I can make a purchase via a bank card or cash. For larger items money must be borrowed from the bank.

Every country do the exact same thing, they borrow money from their bank for large items like, for their military and other things. The U.S bank is the FEDERAL RESERVE. Within other countries the banks are under a different name, but the same function. Whenever money is borrowed, interest is included. Before the debt is ever paid more money is borrowed, interest rates increase and the only thing that get paid is the interest. More money is borrowed and the cycle goes on and on.

Don't be fooled by what you see on the news, things are worst than you know.