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Updated: Mar 5

Which one should you do? Well, it would depend on upon your situation. A catastrophic event could make your environment uninhabitable, so for the safety and welfare of you and your loved ones it would be best to bug out and maybe find a much safer and suitable location until services and your habitation is found to be safe to return to. However, because of a catastrophic event in most cases moving back into your place might not be possible. Which is why preparing for such situations are a must.

Recently due to heavy rains and flooding in the southern states it became impossible for residents there to remain in they're home so they were forced evacuated for they're own safety.

Building a network of like minded people consisting of family, friends and of course with people you know and trust will make experiencing such an ordeal much easier.

When is it a good time to bug in?

A plan is a must in both situations and must be practiced over and over again to perfect it. Everyone that's a part of the plan should be well aware of his or hers responsibility. Defending your location and your resources is how you'll survive. What you have, others want and will do anything to get it when SHTF. When you have no choice and you have enough food, water and other supplies, your location is the best place to be. Of course it must be understood that if you don't have any skills to defend where you are and what you have you've already lost the battle before it began.

Get training in self defense ( hand to hand, weapons ) and teach others. Safe and proper use of weapons of your choice is definitely a must. If you haven't been stocking up on supplies take a look at the news. Your comfort zone could change overnight.