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Updated: Mar 5

Fight or Flight

The exercise of wisdom will take you a long way. When it comes to self defense most people don't have any specialized training to defend themselves. So it might be wise to run and run as fast as you can from the threat.

Good Health

Can you run? What is your health like? Are you over weight? Do you suffer from aches and pain? Exercise and a proper diet can make a big difference when it comes to either fighting or fleeing from a dangerous situation, since you might not have any specialized training.


On the flip side there are those who are into self defensive training or just overall fitness training. Boxing, Crossfit, MMA training is only a few of many disciplines that are in practice. Whichever of these that you decide to do there are huge benefits that can come from it. Building strength and stamina which could save your life and or the lives of your family. Training in a discipline has also a psychological benefit. It removes fear, builds confidence and will give you a sense of purpose.

First Aid

All of us have used basic items within a first aid kit, clean a cut and apply a bandage. But what about major wounds like a gun shot, broken bone or a deep cut.

No doctors, no nurses, no hospital what do you do. Can you stand the sight of blood and guts ? Not many can. I even get a strange feeling that comes over me at the sight of an excessive amount of blood coming out of a wound. This also is part of your defense that must be mastered if you and others are going to survive. If someone is wounded and no one can administer First Aid not only will it affect the wounded person, but everyone else who depend upon him.

Get first aid training, you'll be glad you did.

Weapons Training

Weapons are tools and should be an extension of you and your specialized training. Anyone can pull a trigger or wave a knife. But when you receive proper training of any weapon, you become a force to be reckoned with.

Defending Your Domain

Detailed planning must go into defending your domain. Creating a map of the perimeters of your domain with points of exits and entry, the location of your resources and the responsibility of all involved.

Defensive points, what weapons to use. A lot can go into your planning, all of this is based on the size of your domain and how many are involved in protecting it.

Defense is your key to survival.