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Updated: Mar 5


You never know what any given day will be like.

How prepared are you for one of those SHTF type situations?

What type of survival skills do you have?

Do you have any at all ?

To be honest with you, I like most have room for some improvements.

To just stock up food and water is not enough, you and everybody in your household need survival skills.

Consider this;

Not all people live in the same type of environment, whether urban or rural all situations will not be the same and so your survival skills will need to be fine-tuned to fit your environment.

I'm from the city, but I'm off grid sometimes and am surrounded by various dangers. Snakes, poisonous spiders, coyotes etc. So the skills I'm acquiring is how to identify the dangers and what to do. Not all snakes are poisonous, not all spiders are poisonous, so I must first identify the possible threat and learn how to act accordingly.

Now when I'm at home in the city it's a whole different story. The dangers I face walk and talk as I do. Any given situation can go from bad to worst in an instant. The skill set needed here is first, psychological then physical and it begins with you. You must maintain control of yourself before you can control someone else.

What is your EDC ?

EDC stands for every day carry. Something that you carry on a daily bases. For some this isn't important and never is even thought about, but for others this is carefully planned out each and every day.

Your EDC can save your life or you can lose your life base because you don't see the importance in carrying something that could save your life. For instants a First Aid kit in your possession at all times could save you or a love one or it could be used to help anyone in danger.

Deeply consider your EDC and what you should carry on your person or in your car.

Jumper cables, spare tire and a jack are EDC's for your car and are items you carry without thinking about it if you drive every day.

Times are changing, people are changing. Edit your personal EDC to the changing times.

I only covered a few survival tips that came to mind for this post and hope they were helpful.

Stay tuned.