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Updated: Mar 6

I'm sorry, it's been a while since my last post, but like everyone else I've been caught up with what's going on all over the planet.

Within the news and Youtube we've heard and read about the Corona-virus and the many infected and the rising death toll. I am no authority on this matter neither will I try to give advice, but what I will say is this. All over the planet people are dying and people are in a panic to protect themselves and they're loved ones (and rightly so) so resources are being bought up and making everyday items needed scarce.

So what do you do ?

As in previous post I spoke about survival, bugging in or bugging out and defense. If you haven't read these go back and read, hopefully they'll be helpful.

During these uncertain times, if you have not prepared in the past for times such as these you will not be able to find some of your basic needs. Most of all the items that we use in America are imported and the majority of those imports come from China. Sad but true.

These items are shipped across the ocean every day from different countries, but because of this outbreak shipments will become not as plentiful which means there will be more scarcities of products.

Prices of some of your basic needs will began to climb and turning our economy into a frenzy.

Already there are shortages in stores and shelves are becoming empty. This isn't wide spread, but it can and will be if this thing isn't brought under control.

If you are one of those who have prepared you know what's coming if this situation isn't resolved. The magnitude of this whole thing hasn't been fully realized, because of the many things it will affect that will change our day to day lives. People are being told to stay home from they're jobs which means no income, this is only one way to slow the spread of this virus. At the same time affecting your livelihood, at the moment large gatherings are not recommended as well.

The speed by which this virus is spreading will only be a matter of time before someone you know will be infected.

Face Mask

It has been reported that face mask can't protect you from this virus, the people in China have been wearing them way before this outbreak and it started in China and spread rapidly.

Certain types of face mask were made to contain germs not repel them. In the past if you had a cold you wore a mask so others wouldn't get sick. It's the opposite now.

At the moment there is a shortage of face mask and many other supplies due to hoarding.

One last note

Protect what you have, but share if you can spare it. Consume your resources slowly so they'll last longer.

No one knows how long this outbreak will last.