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Here is just a small glimpse of what you'll find in this massive 300-page sequel (in color) to The Lost Ways:

A lost super-food will bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine. It's a food that vanished with the Incas over 6 centuries ago. This mysterious dish was just recently rediscovered by NASA who has been giving away rations of it to our brave men and women in their month-long space missions. The Incas stored it in pit holes for up to 10 years, ate it year-round, and actually used it to survive a 4 year long super-drought that wiped out their southern neighbors. So, if it managed to save the Incas centuries ago and it still works for our astronauts today, you can bet your last dollar it will keep you and your family well fed in any crisis. And the best part is that you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

The second long-lasting food that should make its way into your pantry was invented by one of the most vicious samurai in history. This food is also known as The Lost Samurai Superfood. It was born out of war and necessity, so it's packed with rich nutrients and probiotics. The samurai took this food with them whenever they left to wage war against their enemies for months on end. They didn't need anything else.

One of the most important things that you'll master is the lost skill of wild plants. With the development of agriculture and medicine, man became less dependent on wild plants and this crucial knowledge was no longer taught. Native Americans ate over one thousand plants, yet most people nowadays know fewer than 20 different species. This is by far the biggest chapter because it contains almost all the edible and medicinal plants in North America, and it has colored pictures so you can easily identify them. Each one has comprehensive instructions on how to eat it or use it as a remedy.

Since you might find yourself in this situation of not knowing for sure and because you might not always have The Lost Ways 2 with you, I'll also teach you how the Native Americans easily tested any plant with 100% confidence to see if it was edible or not before eating it. You'll regain this lost method and be able to use it whenever you go out foraging, whenever a new plant makes its way into your backyard, or in tough times.

With fewer and fewer people knowing this lost skill, you'll be one of the few who never runs out of food or medicines.

You'll also discover how the pioneers from the Wild West hunted deer and how they tanned hides without chemicals and without spending a dime. You'll also find out how to butcher a deer and what parts are best for certain preservation methods. You'll learn how to wisely use every part of the deer just like our forefathers did: to make tallow, a cool knife handle, a bow string, glue, or even a needle. You won't have to wait for a collapse to come for this one. You'll use this lost skill whenever you or your friends go out hunting.

These are just a few of the many lost skills you'll find in The Lost Ways 2 book that you'll be able to use in a crisis or around your house to help you save money or be self-sufficient just like our grandparents were.

This limited edition cannot be found in stores.